Loughborough & District Ladies - News

Please keep the oche clear when a player is throwing. Only the chalker should be in front of the oche. You can sign players on till the end of the season except for a Cup match which has to be a week before. No exceptions.

Cancelling matches on the same day is not acceptable. Day before pls.
No reason why you cant text me results, as long as I get card eventually.

Contact Nos. for Captains.

3Nuns A. Karen 07933201563
Nuns Foxes. Lorraine 07940276014
Spot Nomads Chris: 07870310356
Ringers Lorraine: 07985428640
Sam's Tarts. Julie 07790837930
Nuns Vixens. Carol 07830094669
Plough Losers. Sherry: 07542760151
Bottom railway Ros; 07903148204
Swmc. June 07709281345
Peacock. Jo. 07787435963

If for any reason you have to cancel a match could you please give the opposition plenty of time please. I personally don`t think it`s fair letting them know the afternoon of the match especially when your playing away. Whether they give you a hot or cold supper they have still had to stand there and prepare it. You can play with 4 or 5 players and still win the match.